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Receive stock picks on Friday, sleep in, and set up your trades over the weekend for Monday's open. There are many stock market investing approaches, but few are both simple and offer a favorable risk/reward with high short-term and long-term return. You now have the opportunity to participate in just such a method. Stocks prices are controlled long term by fundamentals (earnings, quality of business), intermediate term by technicals (chart patterns, buying and selling), and short term by news (new product, earnings surprise, etc.). A company with good long-term prospects (fundamentals) that is not over bought (technicals) is an excellent buying opportunity when -- driven by news -- its price and volume increase.

It is always wise to diversify and not over trade. Therefore, each weekend this system picks approximately half-a-dozen quality companies as described above. The companies are expected to rise short term due to news, but they are also long-term buys. If the companies move 5-10% in a week, then it is recommended that they be sold and the current week's picks be bought. If the companies do not move in a week, they may be held until they make a good move or a significant change occurs in a company's fundamentals. The stocks often may be held for months or years but should be sold if they become over bought. Lastly one may play a "numbers game" and cycle the stocks every week regardless of price motion; the theory being that good stocks are "in play" and the average return will be high over time, regardless of market conditions.

A 5% per week return compounded yearly is 1.05^52=12.6. So $10,000 would turn into $126,000 in a year, and you could do the same thing the following year. The table below shows actual stock picks and the resultant return in one week and two months.

ADRX+57%, RI+25%, LOOK-22%
IRN+35%, PLNR+14%, PHS+71%, BCGI-8%, SNDK+72%, UNS+7%
TRDO+69%, COLM+11%, ABC+28%, NOVN+21%
STNR+20%, AHO+40%, JBX+15%, OSIS-2%, VNX+60%, PENN-11%, FLIR+11%
OCLR+15%, WCI+34%, FRO+6%, AAII+70%
PCTI+12%, CRTO+52%, AHO+9%, V+8%, CPE-1%, LEXR+109%
BONZ+51%, WCN+0%, VSAT+12%, MDC+9%, MTCT+36%, ABRX+40%, ARO+28%
VNX+32%, MCDTA-25%, TTWO+2%, ELAB+14%, DLTR+25%
IDE-8%, CAH-8%, BKE+1%, ASHW+1%, NTE+86%, THO+2%

EXAMPLE PICK. For the week of 5-27-03 (5-26-03 holiday) ARO was picked, and that week it appreciated 5.3%. In addition, ARO continued to move upward for the following several weeks, and after only 2 months it had risen 28% (340% annualized). What triggered the pick was very good news, such as, "Aeropostale Reports Strong First Quarter Results" (5-22-03), "Aeropostale Rings Up a Solid Quarter" (5-22-03), and "Aeropostale upgraded by Fulcrum" (5-23-03), and strong one-day price/volume moves on 5-23-03 (3.5%/79%). Further research showed that the stock had a low PE (around 20) and PEG (under 1), good analyst backing (9 analysts, average rating: buy), strong 5 year earnings predictions (average 25% per year), low debt (zero), good insider ownership (15%), etc. ARO also had a good chart pattern. Not every stock is this ideal, but the above illustrates the objectives of the picks.

This is a genuine, honest investment approach (almost 50 actual picks given above for you to research). It is NOT based on hypotheticals or hidden, "proprietary" methods, and it makes NO outlandish claims. Another system boasts "20% to 30% almost weekly." However, 20% compounded weekly is 13,105 fold yearly (1.2^52), and therefore, $100 will make you a millionaire in 1 year and a multi-billionaire in 2 years: yeah, right.

Again, this is a sincere system, and no gimmicks are used to sign you up. For a small fee, you will be emailed the week's picks (at least 4 stocks) by midnight Friday. You can set up your trades that weekend to execute when the market opens on Monday. The following week you can put in your order to sell these stocks and buy the current week's set -- again when the market opens on Monday. Alternatively you may hold the stocks or add to them.

Buy 1 week ($20), 4 weeks ($60), 26 weeks ($312), or 52 weeks ($520) and cancel anytime for a full, prorated refund. Conveniently use the PayPal buttons below. Alternatively, you may send cash, check, or money order to John D. Callahan, 8601 Sunland Bl #44, Sun Valley, CA 91352, and simultaneously send your email address to (put in subject: Theweekendtrader).

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"I've been holding most of the weekly picks now for the last 6 weeks. The 3 and 4 week old picks (as a group) are doing extremely well, and the current and 2 week old ones are doing well also. Thanks for all the picks - you've made me a believer (as well as a bunch of dough)." -- R.A., Northridge, CA

IMPORTANT NOTE: No system is perfect. Only risk money you can afford to lose. It is highly recommended you research each company using Yahoo! finance or similar online tool. You are responsible for your investment decisions.

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